Rodeo Clown - Crash Cooper

When CrAsh Cooper steps into the arena, rodeo fans know they could be in for anything! CrAsh is known for his athleticism and for involving rodeo cowboys in crowd-pleasing stunts. This unique style comedy has made CrAsh one of the most popular rodeo entertainers in North America. He‘s a four time winner of Canada’s Entertainer of the Year, as well as being selected for numerous finals in the USA. He has also acted as host of the award winning Televison show, Cowboy Country.

CrAsh Cooper’s creativity is not limited to his work in the entertainment industry. He is also an accomplished western artist, working out of his studio near the Saskatchewan/Alberta border. His artwork includes limited edition graphite drawings and watercolour paints. He uses both mediums to create poignant reflections of life in the west. On the lighter side, CrAsh is also a popular cartoonist. His cartoons are distributed by Leannin’ Tree and he is one of that companies top selling artists.

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