Redding Jr. Rodeo Association

2017 Captain – Emilee Falkenstein

Photo Credit to Moments Photography by Katrina

Photo Credit to Moments Photography by Katrina


Hello Everyone! I am Emilee Falkenstein and I am the 2017 captain of the Redding Junior Rodeo Association. I would like to welcome you to the 69th annual Redding Rodeo! I am currently 17 years old and I am a senior at Foothill High School. I have been a member of the club for 7 years and have had the pleasure to ride on our drill team for 2 years. My first year on the drill team I carried the California flag and this year I am carrying the American flag. There is not a time I can remember in my life when I was not riding horses. Aside from the drill team some other activities I enjoy to do with my horse are trail rides, hunting trips and an occasional gymkhana. Our wonderful club is open to all children between the ages 5-18 and kids between ages 8-18 are welcome to be a part of the drill team. We are open to people with or without horses and plan plenty of activities to accommodate both. Some non-horse activities we plan include: hiking, days at the lake, painting classes, and even candle making. Every year we also plan a few community service events such as bell ringing around the holidays. Anyone and everyone who loves the western way of life and is interested in promoting it is more than welcome to come join our club! For those members that do have horses we also plan several events including horses. For example, we go on trail rides and have play days. We also have the drill team that all members above the age of 8 are invited to ride on. All members of the Redding Junior Association drill team riders perform in many events and ride in parades. Members who are not a part of the drill team still have the option to participate in parades with the drill team. Being a part of a drill teams requires its riders to be dedicated and disciplined. The riders perform drills in unison to the music to entertain the audience. The drill we perform for you takes several hours of practice to perfect and it is what we are working towards all year long. Everyone who joins this group gets a second family and some friends for a lifetime. I have made some of my best friends from this amazing group of people. We look forward to expanding our family and encourage you to join. If you are interested in joining our club please come find me or any other member and we can give you all the information you need. I hope you all enjoy yourselves at the 2017 Redding Rodeo!

2017 Officers and Board of Directors

Photo credits to Moments Photography by Katrina

Photo credits to Moments Photography by Katrina


From left to right:

Trinity Stone – 2nd Lieutenant
Kamryn Newsome – 3rd Lieutenant
Hannah Falkenstein – Secretary
Emilee Falkenstein – Captain
Nina Olson – Treasurer
Joce Scarry – 5th Lieutenant
Maia Mayer – 4th Lieuntenant

Camera Shy: Kat Schmuck – 1st Lieutenant









The Redding Jr. Rodeo Association meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month

at 7:00 pm in the main clubhouse located at:  715 Auditorium Drive Redding, CA 96001


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