Giving Back to the Community


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Each year, the Redding Rodeo Association sponsors a Think Pink night at our annual rodeo. It is held in conjunction with the Wrangler Tough Enough to Wear Pink program and with community support, over $10,000 dollars has been raised and given to the Brest Cancer Society in Redding.


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Started in 2007, Western Heritage Day is a program where local elementary schools bring students to the Rodeo Grounds on the Friday of Rodeo Week for a day of “Western” education. Their visit includes watching rodeo slack events, talking with the cowboys and cowgirls, visiting with some of the rodeo’s specialty acts, learning about the care of the rodeo horses and other animals and enjoying a performance by our very own Redding Jr. Rodeo Association Drill Team. Their visit also includes a hot lunch. A real “behind the scenes visit”. Each year some 2000 students attend and walk away with a better understanding of how and why many of the rodeo events got started and how these activities are still used on ranches world wide.

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This program expressly for our “Special Kid – Mentally and Physically Challenged” friends has been going on for over 50 years. With help from the Asphalt Cowboys and our other affiliated clubs we offer a special day of horseback & wagon rides and rodeo clown performances just for these wonderful kids. Done without competition from other school kids, this really gives these youngsters a chance to shine. Both the kids and Association members look forward to it every year. This special program is held the Monday of Rodeo

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Scholarship application is open to all graduating Shasta County high school students, they do not need to be affiliated with the Association.

Redding Rodeo Association is pleased to be able to offer a scholarship to a graduating high school senior.

Please print the two forms for additional information and an application.

adobe-pdf RRA Scholarship Cover Letter

adobe-pdf RRA Scholarship Application

Request for Rodeo Tickets by Nonprofit Organizations

Redding Rodeo is a Nonprofit Organization also so we understand the need for community support. We try to budget for a limited number of Ticket Donations. We complete our Budget Planning in October each year for the following year. So to be considered, we need your request early so it can be considered in our budget process.

Requests received after the budget is finalized may not be considered.

Requests for tickets to the 2016 Rodeo must be received prior to September 2015 so they can be considered in the 2016 budget planning.