Hi everyone, I’m Sydnee Herrick and I’m very excited to be your 2019 Miss Redding Rodeo Queen. Being Miss Redding Rodeo mean so much to me, especially since Redding Rodeo is where my love of horses and the crazy world of rodeo started. I always make the joke that before I was born the closest thing my family had ever been to a ranch was the dressing you put on your salad. But with the support and love from my family I’ve became exactly who I was born to be.

Even though I don’t come from a family that lives the western way of life, it has always been in my blood. At the age of 4 my loving and supportive mom helped me pursue my dreams and signed me up for riding lessons. With of course the help from my papa who drove me every day, shortly after that is when my roping and rodeo career started. I grew up competing in rodeos doing every event, but growing up my love for breakaway roping and team roping grew stronger than barrel racing. That’s how I became the roping fool I am today!

I would be nothing without my amazing horse Spurs. He’s a 21 year old American Quarter Horse I’ve had since he and I were both 8 years old. He’s hands down the best Christmas present I’ve ever gotten. Spurs hasn’t always been the well mannered rope horse he is today, he and I have been through a lot of ups and downs but without him I wouldn’t be the confident horseman I am today, and for that I am forever grateful for Spurs and the passion and love we both share for rodeo and roping.

A rodeo queen is someone who is an ambassador for the sport and community of rodeo which is way bigger than herself. She is also someone to look up to, I’m beyond honored to be the person children look up to because I remember when I was their age and always looking up the rodeo queens. Being Miss Redding Rodeo I can’t wait to share the amazing and fun world of rodeo and help educate others young or old to the best of my ability. To me rodeo isn’t just about competing it’s about being a family and always being there for others. I’m so glad to be a part of the Redding Rodeo family, this is definitely going to be an experience I’ll cherish forever! I can’t wait to see you all!